DH.Scrypt & RSACryptoServiceProvider

Oct 31, 2014 at 11:21 AM
Hello all,

I've got DH.Scrypt working in a Silverlight 5 environment. Works great, simple to use, etc. I'm now trying to use RSA keys on a WP8 product that interacts with the mentioned Silverlight app. The RSA keys that are generated in DH.Scrypt import into the WP8 app. But the decryption of data on the WP8 device fails with a padding error. The Silverlight app is encrypting the data with the default padding. The WP8 app is decrypting the data with a bool of true in the Decrypt method. The data is being converted from a string to a byte array with Convert.FromBase64String and back to a string with Convert.ToBase64String. Am I missing something simple here? The DH.Scrypt bits are suppose to be compatible with RSACryptoServiceProvider. Any clues would be greatly appreciated.